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Terms and conditions

Website Design and development

  • Here are the terms and conditions of website design and development
    • Greyscale Digital will provide the wireframe, font, color palette to the client. Once approved, cannot be changed. Alternatively, the client to provide the design/brand guidelines.
    • All the designs in the image/PDF/video/beta link format will be submitted. There will be a maximum of two design concepts for the home page. Once the designs are approved, no further changes will be made. The entire website will then follow the selected design concept.
    • Once the client selects the design concepts and the page, beta links are submitted to the client, the client needs to revert with any changes within 48 hours. If no feedback is received within this timeline, it is understood that the links submitted have been approved, and there are no further changes on the submitted beta links. Any changes thereafter will affect the timeline and will impact the cost.
    • Only two text/image revisions are permitted, hence the client is requested to go through all the beta links thoroughly and document the changes to be factored within the review cycle. Any additional change will be charged at an hourly rate of AED200.
    • The client needs to give a clear direction of what sort of imagery to be used, else the client should provide the images in the requested dimensions. Free images and stock videos will be used. If the client like premium picture or videos, the client needs to purchase it and send it to us.
    • The below are not included in this proposal, in case the client wishes to avail the below, there is an hourly charge of AED 200.
      • No custom image design/ video development/motion graphics is included in the project.
      • No custom development is included in the “WordPress” project.
      • No custom integration is included in the project.
      • No strategic consultation / developing key positioning or content writing is included unless it is mentioned in the quotation.
    • The project will be executed on a contiguous timeline (cannot be disaggregated and completed over a longer discontinuous duration since that will make the continuity of technical resources a challenge).
    • Uploading content
      • Greyscale Digital will assist in uploading the content (texts and images to the website for the unique pages) if provided at once.
      • For repeated pages that follow the same structure such as blogs, portfolios, inner services pages, news, etc, the client team will upload the content. There will be no revisions on the text edits. If the content is not provided as per the project plan on a timely basis, the agency will input the Lorem ipsum dummy text to the pages, and proceed to complete the project without uploading the content. The project delivery and submission do not include content delays from the client. The content in this context refers to any text, image or video, or material of the same sort.
      • We will have a video training session (web meeting) to train the client on how to upload the content and the client needs to upload all the content on the site. If the client wishes Greyscale to upload the content, we charge an additional amount of AED35 per page.
    • Any approvals/info from the client need to come within 48 hours of any submission from the agency, else the project will be kept on hold at that given time. All remaining dues in such circumstances will then need to be cleared.
    • It is understood that the revisions/edits will take a lead-time for Greyscale Digital to complete and this may affect the timeline of the project.
    • It is understood that resuming the work after approval / other delays from the client, will affect the re-allocation of the team members again to the project, and may cause delays in project delivery.
    • Estimates do not include any software and hardware subscriptions, support, hosting, maintenance costs, image editing, or video editing.
    • The customer will provide the hosting details. Greyscale Digital can suggest a good hosting provider. The hosting purchase is an additional cost.
    • Any unforeseen technical issues, which may result out of technical updates, framework/integration issues, or issues of such kind, will result in the delay of the project and may affect the project timeline.
    • Any procurement of stock images/videos will be charged additionally. Any image edits need to be done by the client.
    • The website will be in 1 language – English (unless the project SOW specifies more languages)
    • No customer visits are included in the project and will be charged separately if needed. Weekly calls will be arranged via Microsoft Teams or Zoom.
    • All approval and feedback need to be communicated only via email. WhatsApp change requests or WhatsApp approvals are not considered. Weekly calls can be arranged to go over the progress.
    • The client agrees that all the material including images, videos, logos, and content provided by them are the proprietary material of the client and the agency is not responsible for any breach of the intellectual property or copyrights of the materials.
    • The Customer will provide a Project Lead person to handle their portion of the project.
    • The Customer will provide all Web Services necessary (if applicable)
    • Customer will provide the following tools/controls/libraries etc.: (if applicable)
    • The project needs to be in a contiguous timeline and cannot be broken or paused and resumed after days or weeks of delays from the client’s end. Under such circumstances, the remaining amount invoice needs to be paid by the client and the project will be considered as completed.
    • Back up Files Disclaimer: It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that they create regular backups of all project documents including website hosting files from the hosting company who hosts their website, and to back up any relevant files. Greyscale Digital accepts no liability other than to refund amounts that we charge for the (creative) services that we provide. Having your important files in two places increases the likelihood that your files will be recoverable in at least one of them. However, there is still a possibility that the files can be lost or destroyed at both places at the same time. The risk of that happening is entirely on the client. The client or their representative is responsible for purchasing any insurance coverage to protect their business or personal information against such loss. This is not included in our price estimates. For example, if you only use a third-party website hosting company for website backup, you accept the risk that the backup files can be lost or destroyed and that there will be no financial compensation for such loss or destruction from Greyscale Digital – as we do not guarantee to hold a copy. You use such backup facilities entirely at your own risk.

    Warranty & other terms

    • Greyscale Digital will provide bug fixes for bugs that are found within 15 calendar days after the Production-ready code is delivered to the Customer. Any bugs/issues reported after the 15 days will be on Time and Materials basis or will be covered in the annual maintenance contract, the terms, and pricing of which can be discussed separately.
    • Production deployment of code should occur within 15 days after delivery of Production-ready code. Any production deployment support needed after the 15 days will be on a Time and Materials basis.
    • The customer agrees that any work above and beyond what is agreed in this SOW will be subject to additional charges, which will be communicated via change orders. All such work is to be authorized by the Customer ahead of time.
    • There is no cancellation or refund for the website/logo/branding services/projects. If the client still wants to cancel the project, the customer is liable to pay the full/remaining amount of project fees due to the nature of the project.
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