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Terms and conditions

Website Maintenance

Third-Party Fees

The Client is responsible for all third party fees, including any necessary license fees required to purchase and install new plugins or software on the website. These fees will be communicated to the client in writing before they are incurred.

Deadlines & Deliverables

Greyscale Digital will respond via email to all maintenance requests from Clients within 24 hours on weekdays with a confirmation that the request was received as well as an estimated completion date. Maintenance requests received after 5:00 pm Dubai time on weekdays may not be completed until the next business day unless prior arrangements have been made.

Greyscale will make all reasonable efforts to adhere to all quoted deadlines for the deliverables in the Client’s maintenance requests. In the event that Greyscale has any issues in delivering on a quoted deadline, the Client will be notified via email of the reasoning for any change.

Additional Services

Any revisions, additions, or redesign the Client requests Agency to perform that are not specified in this document shall be considered “additional” and will require a separate agreement and payment. The agency shall advise the Client on any requested work that falls within these bounds. If any regular maintenance or software update procedure requires additional time to complete beyond the scope of this agreement we will notify the Client in advance and any additional time will be billed separately.


Client hereby authorizes Agency to access their web hosting account, providing active user name/password combinations for access to the server via FTP, assuring that ‘write permissions’ are in place on said hosting provider.

During the duration of this contract, the Client agrees that Agency will be the sole provider of maintenance services for the website, and no other party will have access to or rights to change the website. If a party other than Agency makes changes to the website, any errors that are created must be repaired and will be charged at AED200 per hour.


Client agrees to indemnify Agency against all claims, judgments, decrees, costs and expenses, including attorney’s fees, incident to any proceeding which may be brought against Agency or its agents, distributors, customers, or other vendors based on a claim of alleged copyright, trademark, or alleged misappropriation of a trade secret, as well as for a claim of alleged unfair competition resulting from the similarity in design, trademark or appearance of Contract Products and Services provided under this Agreement.

Contract Cancellation

The Client may cancel or choose not to renew the website maintenance agreement at any time by providing 60 days’ written notice to Greyscale Digital.

Any fees billed to and/or paid for by the Client up until the point of cancellation are non-refundable and will not be reimbursed by Greyscale Digital to the Client. Any unpaid invoices needs to be settled by the Client till the duration of the active contract.

Greyscale can provide a 30 days notice and cancel the agreement. In the event of cancellation or non-renewal by Greyscale Digital, Greyscale Digital will provide a prorated refund for unused services and all files necessary to migrate the website to another host.

Payment & Other Terms

  • The contract period is individually mentioned in the respective statement of work documents.
  • Monthly invoice will be raised. Payments in advance. Due upon receipt of invoice. If the client hasn’t paid the monthly retainer and the due period is more than 15 days, Greyscale can hold the project until the client pays the dues. This is due to the nature of the service that Greyscale provides.
  • VAT is additional.
  • Payment should be made via the online link using debit or credit card, wire transfer, or by cheques in favor of Greyscale Digital Information Technology. The online link service will entail an additional 2.5% service fee.
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