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Social Media terms and conditions

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Terms and conditions

Social Media Services

  • Raw footage and images of the business/testimonials / actual footage to be provided by the client. Photo and video shoot is not included.
  • Greyscale Digital can use free videos and images.
  • The total number of posts, gifs and videos is as per the selected package or as mentioned in the proposal/statement of work document.
  • The concepts will be provided by Greyscale. Once the concept is approved, it cannot be changed. Storyboarding is not included and may be charged additional if demanded by the client. Client provided text can be included. Greyscale Digital can suggest the text and upon approval, can be added to the video. One revision is permitted on the text for the video. Free music can be uploaded.
  • A maximum of two edits is permitted on the social cards. The design will be as per the brand/design guidelines, to be provided by the client. If the client doesn’t have a brand/design guideline, the agency can standardise the social design with a selected the font and brand colors. Developing brand guideline is an additional scope.
  • Approval to be provided on the social calendar (in the presentation), as a whole and the approval/ design process cannot be disintegrated into separate posts. The client needs to provide timely approval on the posts for Greyscale Digital to be able to publish the posts seamlessly. Any delays will result in holding the publishing and the post will be shifted to the next available date.
  • Client to provide a clear indication of the business vision and marketing/sales objectives along with the product/service download for the agency to understand and draft the social calendar.
  • Recommendations on improving the social media will be provided to the client on a periodic basis.
  • Clear guidance on content and design expectations to be provided by the client. Feedback on the design should be detailed by the client.
  • Stock images/videos to be charged additional
  • All approvals to be done via emails/ or on the online document that Greyscale shares with the client.
  • Monthly calls will be arranged. All meetings are to be online. Any client visits to be discussed in prior and affirmed with the client for additional charges for the visit.
  • Any work beyond the scope of work mentioned will be charged on a time and material basis with an hourly charge of AED200. This will be discussed prior and approved by the client.
  • It is understood that this scope of work only included organic social media management and does not include page or post promotion.
  • The renewal of any contract is automated, unless otherwise cancelled by the client by giving the due notice of two months. It is understood that the charges will increase by ten percent every year, or as communicated by Greyscale. Any changes in the cost apart from the regular ten percent increase will be emailed, discussed an changed upon client approval.

Contract Cancellation

  • The Client may cancel or choose not to renew the social media or SEO or paid media Agreement at any time by providing 60 days’ written notice to Greyscale Digital.
  • Any fees billed to and/or paid for by the Client up until the point of cancellation are non-refundable and will not be reimbursed by Greyscale Digital to the Client.
  • Greyscale can provide a 30 days notice and cancel the agreement. In the event of cancellation or non-renewal by Greyscale Digital, Greyscale Digital will provide a prorated refund for unused services and all files necessary to migrate the website to another host.

Payment & Other Terms

  • The contract period is individually mentioned in the respective statement of work documents.
  • Monthly invoice will be raised. Payments in advance to be cleared by 7th of every month. Due upon receipt of invoice. If the client hasn’t paid the monthly retainer and the due period is more than 15 days, Greyscale can hold the project until the client pays the dues. This is due to the nature of the service that Greyscale provides.
  • VAT is additional.
  • Payment should be made via the online link using debit or credit card, or wire transfer to Greyscale Digital Information Technology. The online link service will entail an additional 2.5% service fee.
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