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Is it time to hire an external Digital Marketing team? 5 signs that point to ‘YES!’

It can be difficult to admit when your digital marketing efforts are not bringing you the results that you hoped for. Perhaps you’ve put a lot of resources into promoting your business but are always disappointed with the outcome.

Then it may be time to look for external help. Hiring an external marketing team may give a fresh set of eyes on your business goals and how you can attract more users. Here are 5 signs that it may be time to hire an external digital marketing team.

Your content looks bland and uninspired

Is the content you’re putting out getting repetitive or outdated? This may have a significant impact on your engagement rates on social media and even hurt your SEO and page ranking on Google.

Hiring an external marketing team will give you the benefit of having fresh, creative content for your social media and website every week with a consistent posting schedule that keeps your followers interested.

You are not landing any new sales

Find that your sales are stagnating. This could be directly influenced by your marketing efforts. Maybe your followers/target audience is not seeing any content that influences them to visit your website or buy your product.

A marketing team will be able to create a growth strategy that can convert your leads into sales. They will also have more knowledge about how to market and position your brand so that it is more appealing to potential customers.

You get random bursts of traffic but do not know where it is coming from

Do you suddenly find a stream of visitors to your site on a random Tuesday? Does one of your posts get a lot of engagement but you cannot figure out why? That is because you are probably not tracking any key metrics.

Giving you analytical reports and social content insights is a key part of a marketing team’s job. They are constantly tracking and monitoring what works and what doesn’t and will have the expertise to guide you into creating and publishing content that is closely aligned with your business goals.

Your business is growing but you do not know how to sustain the growth

If you’re looking to expand your business or maybe branch out to new customer markets, it is a good idea to have a digital marketing team who has prior knowledge on how to do this on your side.

They can assist you in planning and executing marketing campaigns, increase your conversion rate, and help you brainstorm new ways to keep your business’ digital presence fresh.

You don’t have the budget for hiring full-time “expert” in-house marketing employees

Most businesses do not have the budget to hire an in-house marketing department. This is why hiring an external team can be a great option. They can create a strategy that is unique to your business needs and help you execute it without costing you precious resources that could be used elsewhere.

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